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Making Up for Lost Time
The bizarre case had gone on for weeks on end. The stalwart heroine had pressed every lead and connection she had from the Underground Metahuman Fight Clubs all the way to City Hall. No one seemed to know very much about the kidnapper who was abducting metahumans from the New York City streets.
White Light canvassed the rooftops of the concrete jungle for countless hours. She had little to fill her days and even less to fill her nights these days. Her beloved daughter, Jesse, was living with her dad, White Light's ex-husband, the villainous Dr. Brain. Her day job was rather easy, and, most times could be done at home. She kept spare clothing (and a spare White Light costume) in her Madison Avenue office, but, she was rarely there, anymore. Her main way of keeping busy was to tool around the city and shove small blasts of light into the grizzled mugs of thugs, thieves and criminals.
She was in devastatingly great shape for a woman her age. She'd been a gymnast since the day she learned
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The bizarre case had gone on for weeks on end. The stalwart heroine had pressed every lead and connection she had from the Underground Metahuman Fight Clubs all the way to City Hall. No one seemed to know very much about the kidnapper who was abducting metahumans from the New York City streets.
White Light canvassed the rooftops of the concrete jungle for countless hours. She had little to fill her days and even less to fill her nights these days. Her beloved daughter, Jesse, was living with her dad, White Light's ex-husband, the villainous Dr. Brain. Her day job was rather easy, and, most times could be done at home. She kept spare clothing (and a spare White Light costume) in her Madison Avenue office, but, she was rarely there, anymore. Her main way of keeping busy was to tool around the city and shove small blasts of light into the grizzled mugs of thugs, thieves and criminals.
She was in devastatingly great shape for a woman her age. She'd been a gymnast since the day she learned to tie her own shoes, often flipping and cartwheeling around everywhere for the sheer joy of it, until her parents decided to try and make her harness all that energy and agility. Official acrobatics lessons, High School Gym class, ballet lessons, martial arts, theatre... Her parents were strict, but loving and very encouraging (But STRICT. Did I mention STRICT?!!) They wanted to make sure that she spent her time doing things that were good and constructive. Idle hands were the Devil's playground, after all.
By the time she'd gotten to college and away from their loving and good-intentioned but somewhat smothering parenting, the girl who would one day become White Light already knew what she wanted to devote the rest of her life to - JUSTICE!

This was the third time that an enemy had gotten the best of her in battle while pursing this mass kidnapping debacle! The last thing she remembered was going toe-to-toe with Insecto, a rather large man-shaped winged bug with an attitude even worse than his breath! Insecto had been rumored to be working with some mysterious overboss who was abducting some of New York's younger metahumans for reasons unknown. Whatever was going on couldn't possibly be good.
Insecto's chitinous skin made him highly resistant to damage. White Light was a formidable fighter, but, hitting the bizarre man-wasp was like hitting a hard plastic statue. Luckily for her, whatever part of him that was insectoid was obviously part moth. He was easily blinded. That was her specialty. One bright pulse of light, and Insecto, flew straight at her with all due speed. He never saw that kick coming. A swift, sharp boot to the head of the flying fiend caromed him into the alleyway wall with a thunderous thud!
The plucky heroine took a moment to catch her breath. She wondered how she was going to manage getting the 200-pound-plus bug to the nearest police station all by herself. She didn't hear him stir. He was down, and she thought he was out, but, no such luck. Generally, Insecto can be heard coming from a quarter mile away, due to the almost sonic boom volume of the beating of his wings. This time, he crept along the dingey alleyway floor on his segmented feet. With a mighty leap, he lunged at the heroine in the snow white suit. White Light turned at the last possible second, only to see the giant bug's fist barrelling at her pretty face. One punch didn't do the job, but, she was dazed. Behind her, she heard a raspy voice yelling at her assailant to 'stop messing around with goody-two-shoes and get moving!' Apparently, the "boss lady" had left a lead on another victim, and whomever was yelling from behind White Light would need Insecto's help. She turned toward the voice to see who it was, momentarily forgetting about Insecto. BIG MISTAKE. Another crashing blow from the man sized creepy-crawler sent White Light to dreamland. She never did find out who was talking.

White Light woke up with a hell of a headache. She looked around the strange, dimly lit room, trying to get her bearings.
"Hey, Snowflake... how's the head?"
Whose voice was that? White Light, not able to find a nearby light switch, used her own internal power to light the room. She balled her dainty hand into a fist and her fingers glowed like filiments in a bulb. As the room came into view, her eyes settled on the face connected to the voice. Square jaw, copper colored hair... a jade green cowl that somehow struck her as being 'wrong' and yellowish cape! A sunburst emblem across his muscular chest?! Captain Perfect!!

Before the curious superhero could finish his sentence, White Light blasted him with the most powerful photon burst she could muster. He flew backward through the door of the bedroom White Light found herself in, leaving it a ruin of splintered wood. Captain Perfect was no genius, but he was one of the most powerful villains she had ever seen. In a literal flash, she was out of bed, on her feet and ready to press her attack!
"What the HELL, lady?!", The discombobulated Captain roared at her, already to his feet and bracing himself as the heroine in the white suit rushed him.
"I don't know why you thought you'd be able to keep ME," White Light spat, "or why you and your cohorts have been capturing other metas, but you REALLY should have restrained me! You're going DOWN!"
White Light fanned her fingers and swung her arm as though she were pitching a baseball. Daggers of sizzling light spears flew forth, making a beeline for Captain Perfect's handsome face. The muscular human target shifted and dodged, but was still winged in his left shoulder, casting him backward to the wall at the end of the hallway. The shallow wound was instantly cauterized. The Captain was in a state of shock that the photonic knife was able to harm him at all, but the hot sting in his left shoulder was proof positive that he, perhaps, was not as invulnerable as he'd previously thought.
"HEY! What're you doing to my boyfriend?!"
White Light looked toward the voice which came from her right... right and above! Looking upward into the large den that seemed somewhat familiar, she saw the owner of the sweet but stern voice. She floated about 5 feet off the ground. Her suit was mint green on grass green. She wore tinted shades on her young face, and her hair was colored up in dual colored streaks of dark brown and a dusty gold color. White Light vaguely recognized her. Surely, she had read something about her in a magazine somewhere, but she couldn't place her name. Now was not the time for that, however. Now was the time to defend herself, and, perhaps ponder why exactly this girl, whom she was sure was a HERO, was helping a villain like Captain Perfect. Wait-- did she say "boyfriend"?
"I swear, this isn't my fault!", Gary, the masked man known as Captain Perfect, pleaded  to the floating bespectacled girl, "I just went in to check on her, and she blasted me!"
Captain Perfect wasn't pressing an attack. The flying girl (Jenna? Janey?) wasn't attacking either. Something was definitely off. Taking a moment to actually look around, White Light realized why her surroundings seemed so familiar. She was inside the Fortress of Evening! Had Captain Perfect somehow taken over the penthouse stronghold of her old friend, Captain Evening, and his team? Did he somehow manage to brainwash this poor girl into doing his bidding? He seemed the type. He'd always had an eye for the ladies. God knows whenever he'd team up with Victor, her villainous former husband, on some nefarious errand that she deliberately wanted to know nothing about, he'd mercilessly flirt with her, despite her marital status, and any other female that hoved into his field of vision... Still, his being inside the Fortress of Evening made very little sense. The last she'd heard, he had somehow wormed his way into Centennia's pants, true, but, White Light just figured that it was some ploy to gain inside information about the World's Most Powerful Hero, that would inevitably backfire. It wouldn't suprise her to learn that "Perfect" was cheating on Centennia with this young lady. White Light said as much to the duo. They looked at each other and looked back at her.
Captain Perfect and Jeanette (THAT was her name! White Light knew that it started with a "J"!) sheepishly explained to White Light that he and Centennia had been broken up for quite some time, and that it was because SHE had found someone new, and moved on from HIM.
The Captain had genuinely fallen in love with Centennia once upon a time, and it made him turn over a new leaf.  When Centennia threw him over for Kate Five, he had considered going back to villainy, but, all of his old cronies now considered him a traitor and were actively trying to kill him. Plus, he'd already met Jeanette and was growing more and more fond of her. (He wasn't dumb enough to say out loud that she was initially just a rebound side piece, as that, too, would have gotten him killed, but, now his feelings for Jeanette were genuine and deep, so he just kept that to himself.)
It took a good long while - about two years, actually- to get over Centennia and truly, permanently renounce his once wicked ways, but, now he was a hero in good standing and happy with Jeanette.
TWO YEARS?!! White Light wondered silently to herself how she could have possibly missed these goings-on. It's true that she thought of herself as a solo heroine, and didn't really pal around with Captain Evening like she used to. He was a good man with a good heart, but, honestly he and his team... and his villains... and some of his civilian friends... were all just a little too 'promiscuous' for her liking. Her parents were very disapproving of extramarital relations when she was a young girl, and a lot of that strict upbringing formed who she was today. It's true, she and Captain Evening were an item for a very short while after she divorced her former husband, and, Lord knows that she and Evening'd had a carnal night or two, but, the 'overly libertine' ways of The Odds: parading around the Fortress, half naked - FULLY naked and... fornicating constantly, was simply beyond the pale as far as she was concerned. Not wanting to dictate to The Captain the way he should live his life, she broke up with him. Still, true to his character as a man and as a hero, he has remained a reliable and true friend to her, regardless.
Now, on top of everything, Captain Perfect, of all people, was a hero, allowed access to the Fortress, and apparently, a LOT has transpired in the last TWO YEARS that she has somehow simply spaced out on!
"I guess, I should thank you", White Light, somewhat reluctantly, said to the two heroes, "You guys obviously pulled me out of that alley before Insecto and his accomplice could kidnap me like they did the others."
Again, Jeanette and Captain Perfect shot each other a simultaneous puzzled look.
"How hard did that guy hit you?!", Jeanette said, with real concern in her kind eyes, "We found you on a rooftop!"
"Yeah", Captain Perfect interjected, "It wasn't Insecto, either. Harvester was looming over you. He looked like he was trying to take off his pants! If we hadn't been on another, higher, nearby rooftop about to fu-- er, 'fight crime' with each other, we wouldn't have seen you, and you woulda been--"
The Captain's speech trailed off, but White Light got the gist of what he was suggesting. That disgusting pervert Harvester had a pretty solid reputation, after all.
"How could I have gotten onto a rooftop?", White Light mused aloud. "Where is Captain Evening? Maybe I should talk to him."
Jeanette told White Light that The Captain and the Odds were all out on a manhunt, searching for whomever was out there kidnapping young metahumans off the streets. White Light explained that that was the very case that she was working on. They compared notes. During the course of the discourse, White Light found out that it was Tuesday. The last she remembered, fighting Insecto and being ambushed by his mysterious accomplice, it was Saturday Evening!! Had she been unconscious for three entire days?! This case was getting stranger and stranger by the minute!
It was about 45 minutes later that White Light was once again on her way, parcouring across the lower rooftops of the City That Never Sleeps. Jeanette and Captain Perfect went back to "guarding the fortress" as soon as she was gone. She was sure that The Good Captain's tights had hit the floor before she was even out of earshot, let alone line of sight. Still, she had more important things on her mind than the love-lives of young supers. She had been "losing time" as some people called it.
When she was younger, she had a problem with sleepwalking. She thought she had beaten it, but, she was once again showing symptoms. At first, she thought it was simple exhaustion. Her day job wasn't especially taxing, nor did it take up much time. It was just to make a little extra cash on the side and keep her meager bills paid. Her social life was also pretty simple; and small handful of friends that she spent time with only sparsely. A few contacts in the hero community that she would talk to between capers, just for the comraderie... Her ex husband, her daughter... She considered getting a pet, but, honestly, she was afraid that she would be too busy to give any animal the proper love and attention that it deserved. Still, somehow, lately, she seemed to be very tired very frequently! As she arrived at her residence and settled in, she decided that a powernap would be just the thing to perk her up. One hothothot shower and an english muffin later, her warm, inviting bed enveloped her in toasty comfort. She drifted into slumber, still uneasy about how she went from being unconscious in an alley on a Saturday, at the mercy of Insecto, to being rescued on a rooftop on a Tuesday, from Harvester. The last thing she saw before drifting off was the digital face of her smartphone, which said that the time was 9:39 pm on Tuesday, the 26th. "Waitasec", she thought, as The Sandman sprinkled a bucketful of sand onto her heavy eyelids, "The 26th?! But Sunday was the 17th! It's... been a weeee----". Before she could even finish her hazy thought, she was fast asleep.

Vinnie Palisado was not a patient man. Nervous and greasy, no one would look at this disheveled, sunken-eyed little punk and mistake him for a leader of men. He wrung his hands and paced back and forth, waiting for some word from his employer. It had been several days and the boss lady had been AWOL. The rest of the men were getting restless. They wanted their share of the big score. The big score couldn't happen until the plan was complete, and the plan couldn't be completed without the know-how and say-so of the boss lady and her numerous connections. It had taken some doing, but, over the last month or so, Vinnie and his boys had done henchman duty for She Who Must Be Obeyed and her superhuman accomplices.
They'd managed to subdue and capture a small gaggle of roughly college aged metahumans. It wasn't easy. What nobody tells you in "Mook School" is that most super-freaks ain't invulnerable... but that doesn't mean they go down easy!
it took all 6 of his guys, with guns, chains, billy clubs and tranq darts to subdue some of these kids. The only real advantage they'd had was that these little snots weren't actual superheroes. Say what you will about the spandex crowd, for all their posturing and snappy patter and showing off, they actually know what they're doing! These kids may have been able to control fire and dead lift small automobiles, but none of them could throw or block a punch to save their lives! Still, Vinnie's pal, Ronnie, had gotten a busted hand for his trouble, and Ronnie's cousin, Joey, lost 2 teeth and got a wicked burn on his left leg on this job. They both were itching for some monetary compensation, as were the rest. Hexia had been gone for days, now. The power to the fancy suspended animation chambers that they were keeping their captured quarries in was costing an arm and a leg to Vinnie's brother, Sal, who owned the derelict factory that they were holed up in, and, it had been a while since Vin had eaten anything, and his blood sugar was dropping mighty low, which made him irritable. The whole sitch was a powderkeg waiting to blow. All of that was diffused when she entered the building.
A puff of black smoke and a few licks of flame, and Hexia was suddenly in the room! All eyes turned to her, dressed resplendantly in her saucy black outfit. Another of the actual perks of working for lady supervillains - the bad girls all seemed to have killer, supermodel-calibre bodies and just loooovvved to strut around half-naked!
Hexia rocked a spiked, black leather choker around her swan-like neck that attached to a very high, pointy, almost vampiric collar that rose from behind her pretty head, and a tattered black cape with a red satin lining... of course, the MAIN event was the slight, dark red quarter-of-a-tunic that plunged down her neckline to her navel, and barely covered her succulent breasts. It was bisected at the waist by a chainlink "belt" with a pentacle for a buckle, it's bottom half, a ragged, jagged tatter of material that pointed just past her crotch like a satin dagger. Her arms were sheathed in the same smooth material, and she sported a tattoo across her saucy right thigh of blood red ink in some sort of arcane tribal design. As she strode into the room, dragging by the hair what Vinnie hoped was NOT the corpse of some wispy college co-ed, her long legs sweeping the loincloth from side to side giving he and the other henchmen swift glimpses of the smooth-shaven Promised Land, as, of course the villainess disdained underwear like she disliked superheroes.
With a vitriolic thunk, she dropped her quarry to the grey concret floor of their abandoned factory hideout.
"This is the last one, gents", she said with a sneer, "NOW we can begin! Fire up the machine!"
At her word, Vinnie nodded toward Richie, the pasty, bespectacled lab tech, and easily the smartest man in the room, which, with this crowd wasn't saying a whole helluva lot. With the flip of a few switches and pecks at the keyboard of the seemingly antiquated desktop computer connected to the odd sci-fi looking machine taking up most of the floor space in the room, Richie made the metal leviathan spark to life with a groan and a hum.
Hexia's eyes lit up, similar to the lights of the very machine that now kept her rapt attention, and the villainess began to laugh.
And laugh...
A deep chill ran up Vinnie's spine. For the first time since being employed by the sinister sexpot, Vinnie was truly afraid of her. Whatever they were about to do to these metahuman kids, was probably gonna be bad news for New York City, if not the whole world!
it's times like these that Vin wished he'd listened to his mother and gone into the family plumbing business, like his other brother, Vito, did.
Making Up for Lost Time
Someone has been kidnapping young metahumans from all across New York City.
Fear not, a heroine is on the case!

White Light, Dr. Brain, Jesse Brain, Harvester, Insecto, Captain Perfect, Jeanette, Centennia, Captain Evening, The Fortress of Evening.
All characters are creations of their respective creators, and mentioned within this tale with all love and respect.
No one tagged me for this, but, it looks like fun.
I got it from :iconrydescho:'s page. You guys know I'm a sucker for character development and world building!
I may do more than one of these!

Interviewee: BRAHMA of the STARBRATS
Brahma by Xailenrath-Universe

Choose One of your OCS.
The Answers Must be written in your OC’s Point of View
Your OC cannot lie.
Your Journal Entry should be OC Interview
Tag as many people as you want.
Have fun!

Tagged by  No one.

1.- What is your real name and nickname?
Margaret Kimberly Rhiordan. My 'superhero' name is Brahma. 
I was named that by my friend, Armada, who said I was "stronger than a Brahma Bull" on the day we met.

2.- Interesting, what is your current age?
I'm currently 20 years old. I am the youngest member of my superhero group, The StarBrats.

3.- What is your favorite food?
Raspberry jelly filled, powdered donuts!

4.- And your favorite drink?
Pink lemonade is delicious, as long as it doesn't have those gritty, disgusting bits of 'real lemon' in it! That SO does NOT make it better!

5.-Confession time, Who is your lover?
I, um... I don't HAVE one. I mean, I ain't a virgin, or nothin'! (technically.) But, it's kinda hard to attract a guy when you're as big and brawny-lookin' as me. There's a few girls who like me, I guess, but, I don't, um, swing that way, though.

6.- Have you kissed anyone yet?
I've kissed a couple of guys... back in high school. I'm not giving you any names, though!

7.- Do you have a childhood sweetheart?
When I was younger, I had a huge crush on a friend named Razorblade. (NOT his real name, duh.) He was the leader of the first superhero team I belonged to when i was a teenager - The Wyld Angels. I always thought he was so kick-ass! It's too bad he wound up going all evil. That was the reason The Angels broke up, and that I moved out here to California with my mom and sister.

8.- Who is your favorite author?
I was really big into Poppy Z. Brite when I was younger. That, and Laurel K. Hamilton. I was a HUGE fan of the Anita Blake series of books, but, I guess I grew out of that. Nowadays, I barely have time to read anything other than news reports and the occasional SHORT story in an anthology before some life-threatening emergency pops up.

9.- What is your biggest fear?
Spiders are ICKY!!

10.- Any siblings?
I have one younger sister - Daisy. I guess, technically, after finding out a secret or two about my heritage that Daisy is my HALF-sister, but, honestly, I think all that "half-sibling' stuff is crap. Family is family if the love is there, and I love my little sister.

11.- Who is your worst enemy?
Well, I'm a superhero, y'know, so, I have a lot of enemies. I don't really have one that's specifically MINE, as most of them have beef with my TEAM, not me, personally. Still, if I had to pick one, I'd go with this weird giant were-spider girl named "Arachnee". I mean, she's technically not EEEEVILLL, but, she's really pretty loopy after her mutation. and boy, is she UGLY!
Still, I think that's just more my own fear of spiders talking than anything else.

12.- Huh, okay. Who is your best friend?
My best friend is Vanessa Gibson, aka 'Armada'. She's a fellow superhero and StarBrat. She was one of the Wyld Angels with me, back in the day. We've been besties for almost 7 years, now. She's one of the coolest people that I've ever met. 

13.- What would you do if you meet your creator?
What? Y'mean like GOD? Um, no thanks. That would mean I'm dead, and I have SO much I wanna do before I die! Still, I have a LOTTA questions about why there's so many superhumans in the world. And so much evilness. And about parallel universes... Oh man!

14.- What do you want to be when you're grown up?
Um, if you'd asked me that 3 years ago, I'd have said police officer. Of course, now, seeing what cops have to deal with in terms of regular crime and super-crime... I dunno. One upon a time, I really wanted to be an actress or a model, but, with my body being what it is now, I think 'superhero' is really the only thing I CAN do. I just hafta find some way to make it pay, so I can handle my bills... especially my clothing bill! You got NO idea how expensive custom clothes are in my size, and how SICK I am of running around in sweat pants and oversized jerseys! You just can't find too many pretty things in my size off the rack!

15.- What is your worst nightmare?
Okay, that's not true. Well, yes it IS, but, it's also not the ONLY nightmare. I'm afraid of losing myself. My powers come with a-- healing? No. 'REGENERATION' factor. That is, if I get really seriously hurt - like, gutted, or lose a limb or a whole lotta blood, my powers heal me and prettymuch make me a whole new body. A DIFFERENT body every time. I look in the mirror and I can't recognize the woman staring back at me. My real self - my original self - was pale and freckled and redheaded. I looked like my mom. When I regenerate, I could be a blue-eyed blonde or a brown eyed brunette, or even look like a whole 'nother RACE. That, of course sets the Millennials off. I have no control over it, but, apparently, when I happen to change into anything other than a white girl, it's "problematic' for certain people. What's 'problematic' for ME is that sometimes I don't know who Maggie Rhiordan is anymore. I mean, I'm still me. My personality is still the same. It's not like I develop any weird, overwrought accents or anything. i can always understand that my reflection is "me" by the 6-foot-8 body with the same, i guess, 'mystical' tatts... even they change color with each transformation. But it's still some stranger's face until I get used to it.
ANOTHER fear is that I'll live forever. Yeah. That's a FEAR!
I don't wanna be that girl who lives on and on while everyone and everything I love changes, withers and dies. Every time I hear about some superhero with a healing or regeneration factor, they're prettymuch UNKILLABLE. But, being around that long rots your brain. i don't wanna be some crazy-brained immortal whacko!

16.-What is your lifelong dream? 
To eventually bring peace to the world. That's why I got into being a superhero. I don't HAVE to go out and risk life and limb to 'Save The Day'. Nobody does. Great Power/Great Responsibility is just a tagline from a comic book. It seems a lot of superheroes wanna do it just so they can get away with punching people. Don't get me wrong. I'm my team's muscle, and I will admit that I DO like to "smash". Wait, maybe i should rephrase that before some perv takes it the wrong way.
Being superstrong is, like, intoxicating. But, destruction is EASY. At the end of the day, the job of a superhero is to make their territory, if not the WORLD, SAFE.
I wanna make it so that people with powers stop using them to hurt people and wreck things and steal. I wanna make it so that evil aliens stop trying to take over the planet or destroy our species, and, on the other side of things, make it so that any GOOD aliens will be welcomed here to share knowledge, instead of being shot at on first sight because they look different than us. I just wanna eventually save the world and have it STAY saved. Not even to make, like, a better tomorrow for the KIDS, but, to make a better TODAY for everybody!

17.-What would you do if your dream come true?
Start working on changing people's... and, y'know, HOLLYWOOD's perceptions about beauty and what people can and cannot do and BE, based on how they look.

18.-Okay, where is your favorite place to relax?
Okay, you're gonna think this is crazy, but - The Comic Book shop! No, seriously! Like, I'm not even a comic book geek or nothin', but, when i first got into the superhero thing at 13, most of the guys in The Wyld Angels WERE!
Razorblade and Ramjet and Blacktop would go to the comic shop on Wednesdays and I would tag along. Yeah, i admit that I'm real girly (despite my size), and I would read love manga and old romance comics and Archie stuff, while they pored through Batman and Spidey and stuff. Eventually, I let them talk me into reading all that stuff and I found that it was great! Not necessarily for the entertainment factor, but, for the sheer imagination of the writing. Through those comics, I found new ways to use my superstrength. Believe it or not, some of that pseudo-science in those books can and will work in real life if you have the superpowers to back it up! I learned tricks and psyche-outs that actually worked on some of the dumber real life villains. I learned to recognize some of the scams that the villains were running! Weirdly enough, nobody thinks that actual superheroes READ superhero comics!
It's just like being a cop or a lawyer and watching CSI or Perry Mason! Sure, there's inconsistencies and stuff that's just plain STUPID, but, there's some nuggets of pure gold in there that I have found useful in what I do. Also, reading that stuff relaxes and de-stresses me after a long adventure. Pluswise, if ANYBODY an 'appreciate' sexiness and beauty in a girl like me, it's comics nerds. I'll admit, i DO like the attention. According to the Almighty Internet, that makes me a "fake geek girl", or some crap, but, whatever. I dare ANYBODY to say that to my face!

19.-Last Question, what do you do most of the time?
I like to type and play piano and drums. Notsomuch for the sake of the music, but, it helps keep my dexterity up, and gauge my strength. I have to hold back. A LOT. when I am around normal, non-powered people. I don't wanna be some stereotypical, superpowered lumbering oaf, right? Armada was the one who got me into that stuff. I broke a LOT of expensive things when I was young and just coming into my powers.

20.-Done! Now tag some people!
I'm not gonna tag anyone, as it seems that less and less folks are into doing these things these days.
If you dig this and wanna try, be my guest, and feel free to tell 'em Xailenrath sent ya!
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  • Reading: Comic Fury webcomics
  • Watching: my back
  • Playing: fair
  • Eating: fish sandwich
  • Drinking: coffee


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